Friday, October 1, 2010

Time Passes Quickly

Well I know that I'm getting older since time is just whizzing by. Next week is our Koha training!! The previous blog talked about our arrangements. I had asked Brendan from ByWater Solutions how we should prepare for the training. He suggested:
  • Have 15 marcfiles from OCLC that we could use to practice uploading to Koha.
  • Bring a few serials from the shelves that can be used
  • Have your staff create their own patrons
  • Bring a copy of our printer paper if we do our own label printing
  • Have a look at: the Koha Wiki to get familiar with finding the Reports section and the JQuery section
  • Know how to find the Koha manual.

And so, at our latest Koha Task Force meeting we discussed the assignments so we would be ready to go. I'm hoping that staff will do a little exploring ahead of the training.

We do have several questions to ask during our training.

  • Do we have the option of not migrating over the records of material "Lost and Paid"?

  • We know that the status text can be changed, but we haven't decided the ideal terms. With SirsiDynix we were limited in what we could use... "available" "material has been checked out" "lost" "available soon". We are excited to explore this added functionality. Is there a status for just returned material? And if so, does it automatically revert to another status after 24 hours when the item is on the shelf again?

  • At the present time, the copy order is random. And, are we able to delete the copy number for items in the OPAC?

  • Will some of the items be automatically shadowed in the OPAC? For example: lost, repair, discards-- or is this something we need to decide to do?

  • During the training, will staff learn search strategies using the staff side, not just the OPAC? And, will this training be held on Wednesday with our OPAC training?

I'm hoping that staff will come to the training next week with all their questions. This is our opportunity for clarification.


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