Friday, September 3, 2010

Moving Slowly

As mentioned earlier, our Koha Task Force is meeting weekly on Thursday afternoons from 1:30 to 2:30. It has taken us three meetings to get through a review of all our current (SirsiDynix Symphony) policies. Each Task Force member was given a stack of policies to review before the meetings.

I personally thought that we could go through all of these policies in an hour... no, this wasn't the case. As we worked through each list there was always a question on why did we have this?, is anyone still using that? And, can we delete it? It was surprising to me that I couldn't answer all the questions asked since I was there from the beginning of our SirsiDynix experience. I guess as time goes by staff uses what they need and nothing more.

As we reviewed the policies, we thought... "I wonder if Koha will do this?" (an example: we wanted to have the ILS automatically charge a fee to a patron's record when a hold was available for check out. We never could get this to work the way "we" wanted with SirsiDynix) so we have started making a list of questions to ask Brendan during our next conference call.

Once we went through each policy list, either Cathi or myself ran reports to see if we had items or patrons in the policy name that we decided to delete. These reports were made available to the members. Items and Users were moved or deleted. Staff is also searching for material that has been marked "Missing" in the database. There's no use moving over material that we no longer have on our shelves. Hopefully we will soon have a sleek database ready to migrate to Koha.

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