Sunday, September 19, 2010

Viewing Our Catalog

Last week ByWater Solutions staff installed Koha to our server. After that the item records were imported on to the server! We were excited about the process and discussed this project update at our Koha Task Force meeting on Thursday, September 16. All members are now checking for any problems / questions that arise from doing random searches.

Initially we tried a search for a title that was unique to our collection. We wondered why that when we did the search the subtitle didn't show on the bibliographic record. "Arcadia: where ranch and city meet." Cathi, upon further investigation finding that only the title was displaying and not the subtitle on all the records, contacted Brendan. He explained that this was the default settings and could be changed by adding a subtitles rule to the "Keyword to MARC" mapping. Cathi added the subtitle rule under Koha Administration: the keyword to MARC mapping section (a rule needs to be created that matches the subtitle to 245 subfield b). We were a bit apprehensive to make changes right away, but with Brendan's encouragement, (Brendan said "Feel free to do anything you want to do. I'm not going to hold you back- and if it doesn't make sense-ask me-of if you get stuck we're here. This should give you a good chance to play and break :-)" ) Cathi went into the software and was able to remedy our subtitle problem. She was pleased to make her first edit.

Towards the end of the week, Cathi ran a job on the Symphony server to create flat files of the patron database. On Friday, September 17 she then FTP'd these files to the ByWater Solutions server so that Brendan could work on converting it to a format that can be uploaded into our Koha ILS. We'll be interested to see how that turns out too.

In the meantime we continue to work on deleting missing items, changing patron codes, and making other "tweaks" to our current Symphony database. Before we go "live" on Monday, December 13, our data will be migrated again to Koha to reflect these changes that we are making to the original records.


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