Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Questions and Answers

For the past few weeks we have been practicing with Koha, as time allows. We now have a copy of our patron database available for testing. Our Circulation Dept. really wanted this information installed. They felt that practicing on a real database made all the difference... rather than just a few patron records that we added during training.

During the training we realized that we would need another web browser to take advantage of all the neat Koha features available for staff. It makes sense that most of the development was made for open source browsers... Koha is open source. The City of Arcadia uses Internet Explorer exclusively and were none too pleased when we wanted to add either Chrome or Firefox to staff stations. This issue has not been truly resolved but I'm sure we will come up with a compromise. Cathi's thought is that the new browser is an extension of our library application software and that she, as the Library IT person, would be responsible for it. And the City's IT staff would handle the software used citywide.

Another problem that has come up is with our enriched content. We currently have a subscription with Syndetics Solutions for book covers, reviews, and the bestseller lists on our SirsiDynix ILS. Syndetics Solutions were more than willing to transfer the subscription over to Koha. However the titles with book covers are not always the same in both system. I've been going back and forth from system to system to see what titles don't have matching covers. I've contacted both Syndetics Solutions and ByWater Solutions so hopefully one of the "Solutions" will resolve the issue.



  1. I am a Firefox fanatic! I refuse to use IE unless the website I'm trying to view absolutely will not work with Firefox. So it is probably a good thing I don't work for the city of Arcadia!

  2. It looks like we have resolved the web browser wars. The City IT has set Firefox so that when a Library staff member launches it, the only site that it can go to is our Koha address. For other web browsing we will continue to use IE. Now everyone is happy. The Library has the needed functionality and IT is protecting their network and computers.

  3. "I have spent time with Tech Services staging MARC files and managing MARC records, but the new items are not showing up in the catalog. We are obviously still missing a critical step."

    We are experiencing the same problem...what was your solution?!

    Thanks much,

    Michele Martin, Sonoma Academy