Thursday, January 27, 2011

Edgy Librarian

Today, Cathi and I will be interviewed on the day-long webinar conference called The Edgy Librarian. Along with staff from Los Gatos Public Library, another new Koha library, we will be interviewed by Lori Bowen Ayre from Open Source, Open Libraries . This program will be from 1:00 -1:50 or so, PST.

Here are the questions that Lori will be asking us:

1- Why did you decide to go with Open Source and why did you choose Koha instead of Evergreen?

2- Did you face any resistance at your Library about your decision and if so, what were the objections?

3- If you have participated in any other migrations from one ILS to another, how would you compare this experience to that (and identify any differences in the process that specifically are related to the new ILS being Open Source).

4- What did you anticipate would be the hardest part of moving to Koha? And what WAS the hardest part?

5- What did you anticipate would be the best part of moving to Koha? And, what IS the best part?

6- What would you say to other libraries thinking about migrating from their ILS? Would you recommend an Open Source ILS? Koha?

Cathi and I submitted our answers to Lori ahead of time so she could include them in her blog. At our latest Koha Task Force, we also asked the Committee the same questions. On the next blog, we will give their answers.


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