Tuesday, August 17, 2010


It is very important to have the staff excited about our new ILS and not to dread it. With that in mind, I emailed everyone about the process and that we want their cooperation. I asked that all staff be available for training day(s) and to practice what they learn afterwards. I hope that staff will work with the system for one hour a week - at least.

Then, I set up the Arcadia Koha Task Force. I asked the library supervisors to attend these weekly meetings. I felt that the supervisors could relay this information back to their teams. We began meeting on August 5 from 1:30 to 2:30. I have promised to keep these meetings short -- no longer than one hour. So far we have discussed:
  • Project Update

  • Training... should we close one of the three days? We decided that we would ask the Library Board for permission to close on the Circulation/OPAC training day, October 6. We plan on using the conference room for the Admin and Tech Services days, and the public Tech Center (with multiple workstations for Circ /OPAC day.

  • A brief demo - Cathi gave a little overview of what was covered at our Koha System Admin Workshop.

  • Assignments - Weeding, searching, and discards (we don't want to migrate items to a new system if they don't circulate); Review categories, locations, patron and item types, etc (we want to clean up and remove what we don't use); Questions to ask (staff questions that we need to ask ByWater Solutions.)


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