Monday, August 16, 2010

Two Visits

After we notified SirsiDynix that we planned on migrating to a new system, we had a visit on July 6 from David Noll, our SirsiDynix Field Sales Consultant. Dave wanted to know why we intended on leaving Symphony. We discussed our current issues ... and the main problem was the cost of the product and how frustrated we are that the prices continue to climb. Dave informed us that 30% of the libraries that left SirsiDynix for open source software ended up with SirsiDynix again. He wanted us to know that they would welcome us back again if our project didn't work out. He said that they would try to help us if we had any concerns.

On July 26, Cathi and I attended an InfoPeople workshop on Koha for System Administrators. This workshop was held at our Library so it was very convenient. Too bad there were so few participants but it gave us time with the instructor, Brendan Gallagher, from ByWater Solutions. We were given a "hands on" view of Koha.

After the workshop we talked about training here for our Library. It looks like Brendan will be handling our training and that we will be using version 3.2 if Koha. We talked about dates for the training, and "potentially" settled on October 4,5,6. On Monday,October 4, we will discuss System Administration, Reporting and some Linux administration. Tuesday, October 5, will be focused on Technical Services--Cataloging, Acquisitions and Serials. On Wednesday, October 6, the sessions will cover Circulation & the OPAC.

Some of our Library staff are concerned about having the training so early... no time really to practice since they need to keep up with the steady stream of material arriving. However, Brendan advised that staff persons need to practice, use the new system and become familiar with it before going live so the transition will be more successful. After the training, weekly or bi-weekly calls from ByWater Solutions would be made to answer questions that arise. And, if there aren't questions then it was assumed that no one is using the test that case then assignments will be passed out.

Jackie and Cathi


  1. I would be interested in learning from the SD folks the actual numbers, instead of percentages. When they say 30%, what is the actual #? Is it 1 out of 3, or 30 out of 100? Makes a big difference.

  2. Afaik no Koha libraries have ever gone back to Sirsidynix, maybe this is just a continuation of the FUD started by Stephen Abrams whitepaper when he was still at SD.

  3. Yeah, 30% just sounds kind of made up whether based on honest guesses or not. Even so, a 70% hit rate is pretty good.

    As a Koha support vendor I'm finding this case study blog to be very very interesting and look forward to each new posting. I expect it will become a valuable reference in future for libraries making the switch and to help support companies learn how better to help.